Ben Gurion Terminal 3 new Map: Your Complete Guide.

Introduction to Ben Gurion Terminal 3

Ben Gurion Terminal 3 is Israel’s main international terminal. As of July 2024, Terminal 1 only serves domestic flights. Terminal 3 is modern, compact, and well-structured, divided into several levels. It also features multi-story parking connected to the main building.

Ground Floor: Arrivals and Services

Arrivals Hall

The ground floor (marked as ‘G’ in elevators) is dedicated to arriving passengers and those meeting them. Here, you will find cafes, shops, money exchange services, bank ATMs, and vending machines for drinks, snacks, and flowers. The lost and found desk is also located on this floor.

On the west side of Terminal 3, a new section opened in 2024. It includes 22 check-in counters, a security check system, and conveyors linked to the hold baggage screening (HBS) systems. This section spans 3,900 square meters, with a width of 30 meters and a length of 130 meters, similar to terminals in Amsterdam, Budapest, and Germany.

Entrances and Exits

The entrance gates to the ground floor are numbered 01, 02, and 03. There are taxi dispatcher desks and a shared taxi station outside the building.

Ben Gurion Train Station Access

After crossing the road outside Terminal 3, you will find escalators leading down to the Ben Gurion train station. This provides convenient access to train services for onward travel.

Luggage Lockers

Luggage lockers are located outside the building, providing a secure place to store your bags if you need to.

VIP Services Tel Aviv airport

For clients who booked fast-track departure services, you meet your VIP service agent on the ground floor, next to gate 01. This floor also has a dedicated security check for VIP service customers.

First Floor: Car Rentals and Services

Overview of the First Floor

The first floor (button ‘1’ in the elevator) houses several essential services for travelers.

Key Areas on the First Floor

  • Rental Car Counters: Conveniently located for easy access to rental vehicles.
  • VIP Lounge Arbel: A comfortable lounge area for VIP passengers.
  • Synagogue: A place of worship for passengers of the Jewish faith.

Second Floor: Transportation and Services

Overview of the Second Floor

The second floor (button ‘2’ in the elevator) is designed for public transportation and administrative services.

Key Areas on the Second Floor

  • Public Transportation Exit: Easy access to buses, prearranged taxis, and shuttles.
  • Ministry of Interior Population Authority: Services related to the population registry.
  • Fast Track Arrival VIP Service Cars Parking: Designated parking for VIP service cars.
  • Entrance Gates 21, 22, 23: Main entrances to the second floor.
Departure Ben Gurion map Terminal 3 Level 3

Departure Level: Services and Facilities

Overview of the Departure Level

The departure level is located on the third floor (button ‘3’ in the elevator). It is designed to streamline all passengers’ check-in and boarding processes.

Key Areas on the Departure Level

  • Information Desk: Staff are available to assist with any questions or concerns.
  • Security Control Desks: Efficient security checks ensure passenger safety.
  • Check-in Counters: Conveniently located for easy access.
  • Tax Refund Counter: Available for passengers who need to claim tax refunds.
  • Area for Disabled Passengers: Specially designated area to accommodate passengers with disabilities.

Departures Area

After completing check-in and security checks, you can exit to the departures area. Here, you will find:

  • Restaurants: Various dining options to suit all tastes.
  • Tax-Free Shops: A wide selection of duty-free shopping.
  • Concourse to Boarding Gates: Clear signage guides you to the boarding gates.
  • Entrance Gates 31, 32, 33: Main entrances to the boarding area.

Navigating Ben Gurion Terminal 3

Ben Gurion Arrivals Terminal 3

The arrivals hall is spacious and well-organized. Signs guide you to transportation options, including taxis and shuttle services. The area is designed to make your arrival as smooth as possible.

Getting from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1

Shuttle services are available if you need to travel from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1. Follow the signs to the shuttle pick-up point. The service is frequent and ensures a quick transfer between terminals.

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