Best VIP Service Prices at Ben Gurion: Open and Fair.

As a frequent traveler or someone planning a special trip, you might wonder why many websites selling VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport hide their prices. Understanding VIP service prices can help you make informed decisions and avoid surprises. Here’s what I learned from ChatGPT about why this happens and why I do things differently.

Prices start at $270 for up to 6 passengers, and each additional person is $35. Last-minute bookings incur a $35 fee. The price is the same for arrival and departure. Ideal for families and small groups.

Why Some Websites Hide Their VIP Service Prices


VIP services can vary widely based on each customer’s needs. By not displaying prices upfront, businesses can offer customized quotes that better match the specific requirements of each client.

Encouraging Contact

Hiding prices encourages potential customers to reach out for more information. This allows businesses to engage directly with customers, providing personalized service and potentially upselling additional services.

Competitive Strategy

Prices can be a significant factor in competition. By not displaying prices, businesses can avoid direct price comparisons with competitors, allowing them to highlight the value and quality of their services instead.

Market Segmentation

Different customers may have different willingness to pay. By discussing prices directly with customers, businesses can segment the market and potentially charge higher prices to those who are willing to pay more.


Not displaying prices allows businesses to adjust pricing more flexibly in response to market conditions, demand, or special promotions without constantly updating the website.

My Approach to Pricing

As a tour guide working with live people, I aim to make your experience much better. As a consumer, I don’t like sellers hiding prices or making me spend a lot of time on their website only to give me an exaggerated price.

Our Pricing Policy

At our company, we value every client and aim to provide the best possible service without viewing our clients as mere sources of profit. Even though many of our clients are affluent and willing to pay more for premium services, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect, ensuring that you receive excellent value for your investment.

No Exaggerated Prices

Unlike some sellers who offer exaggerated prices and promise the “lowest price” if the customer can find and prove the existence of a cheaper offer, I don’t play such games. I respect the intelligence of my customers. There are only two kinds of VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport, and I give the best price and display it on top of my homepage. Full transparency.

VIP Service Prices at Private Terminal Fattal

Pricing: The minimum price for the first person is $500. For the second person, it is $370.

Tips for Using Airport Facilities Without VIP Service

On my website, I also provide tips on using airport facilities without VIP services. For example, you can self-pick a porter in Ben Gurion or use the free service for disabled people. I am always here to answer any questions and share my expertise.

By being transparent and fair with my pricing, I aim to provide you with a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

VIP service Prices at Ben Gurion

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