Fast-Track VIP Service: The Ultimate Guide to Departing from Ben Gurion Airport

If you’re looking to depart from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv with minimal stress, our Fast-Track VIP service offers a range of benefits designed to save you time and eliminate hassles.

Time-Saving Arrival

Ever wish you could get an extra hour before your flight? Our VIP service makes it happen, letting you arrive at the airport just 2 hours ahead of your international flight instead of the standard 3 hours.

No More Security Delays

Avoid the notorious 1-1.5 hour-long security lines that Ben Gurion Airport is famous for. Our service fast-tracks you through a separate security desk, putting an end to tedious waits.

Simplified Check-In Experience

Say goodbye to puzzling over where to go for flight check-in. Our service offers guided assistance, helping you navigate this often-confusing process effortlessly.

Quick Hand-Carry Inspections

Our dedicated desk for hand carry control ensures you move through the pre-flight security steps faster, letting you relax sooner.

The All-In-One VIP Advantage

Whether you’re an elderly traveler or a young adventurer flying solo, our service has you covered. We guide you through all airport formalities and can even escort you directly to your boarding gate if needed.

Choose our Fast-Track VIP service for your next departure from Ben Gurion Airport and elevate your travel experience to new heights.

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