Your new Guide to Getting Around by Taxis in Israel

Easily identifiable by their white color and yellow roof signs, taxis in Israel are a convenient and popular way to travel. They offer modern, safe vehicles for reliable transportation within cities and between regions.

Need more space? For small groups, families, or travelers with lots of luggage, consider using big taxis (vans). These vehicles can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers, ensuring everyone travels together with plenty of room for belongings.

Becoming a Taxi Driver:

  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Driving experience: 2 years
  • Education: At least 8 years
  • Clear criminal record
  • Medical exam
  • 3-month training course and exams (Ministry of Transport)

Booking a Taxis in Israel:

  1. Hailing: Look for taxis with illuminated roof lights (available).
  2. Apps: Use popular apps like Gett or Yango for online booking, upfront fares, and easier communication.
  3. Phone: Call a taxi company (may incur a surcharge).

Fares and Payment:

  • Base fare: 12 ILS
  • Per kilometer: 3.7 ILS
  • Online calculators: Estimate costs before your trip.
  • Apps: Gett and Yango offer metered fares (city) and fixed prices (longer journeys).
  • Fixed fares: Available for intercity journeys (check online or confirm with driver).
  • Payment: Cash (NIS) preferred, some accept credit cards (meter/app).


  • Negotiate fares: For fixed fares, politely negotiate, especially for longer journeys.
  • Confirm fare type: Before starting your trip.
  • Use apps: For a hassle-free experience.
  • Beware of scams: Ensure meters run and avoid excessively low fares, especially in tourist areas.

By following these tips, you can confidently use taxis in Israel and enjoy your travels.

Taxis in Israel 2024

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