Services in Airports: Priority Pass, VIP Services, and More

All You Need to Know About Fast Track in Airports

Airports can be busy and stressful. But what if you could skip the long lines and chaos? That’s where Fast Track services come in. This guide will tell you all about it. We’ll talk about different names like “Priority Pass” and special VIP services. For example, the VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

Priority Pass at Ben Gurion Airport

Let’s start with Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. The VIP service here is really good. It saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to deal with long lines and crowds. This makes your airport visit much easier and less stressful.

What Fast Track Can Mean: It’s Not All the Same

Fast Track services can mean different things at different airports. Sometimes it involves using face recognition and other tech tools. These help airports save on staff and make things faster. But it’s not just about tech. There are special desks just for flight check-ins too.

Tech-Savvy Ben Gurion Airport

If you’re an Israeli citizen landing at Ben Gurion Airport, you’re in luck. There are desks with face recognition for passport control. So you may not even need extra VIP services. But it’s not for everyone.

When You Might Still Need VIP Services

Even with tech, some travelers still need a personal touch. This includes young people traveling alone, older adults, and people with disabilities. In cases like these, a personal escort can be really helpful.

VIP Lounges: More Than Just a Waiting Area

Some people think VIP services are just fancy lounges that are costly. While it’s true that lounges can be lavish, they offer more than just luxury. At Ben Gurion Airport, these lounges are available too.

Who Gets In?

If you’re flying business or first class, you’ll likely get lounge access. But guess what? You can also buy access to the lounge. It can even be part of our Fast Track service for flights leaving the airport.

The Fattal Terminal: VIP at Its Finest

Ben Gurion Airport takes VIPs to the next level with its private Fattal Terminal. Unlike other VIP services that are part of larger terminals, the Fattal Terminal at Ben Gurion Airport is a separate facility altogether. Located on the ground level, this terminal offers an unmatched VIP service that’s independent of the main airport terminals. There are no steps or elevators to worry about.

How It Works

When your plane lands, a luxury vehicle picks you up. It takes you straight to the VIP terminal. Here, you get your own private room stocked with snacks and drinks. While you relax, a steward fetches your luggage. Even better? An officer comes to you for passport control.

The Final Touch

After all the checks, you exit right next to the terminal door. Your driver will be waiting for you, making the entire experience smooth and stress-free.

Who Can Use Fattal Terminal and What’s the Cost?

Usually, the Fattal Terminal service is included when you book a private flight. But here’s the thing—you don’t have to be on a private flight to use it. Anyone can buy this service separately. However, keep in mind that it’s not cheap. Prices start from $500 for the first person.

The Fast Track Services: Affordable and Efficient

While the Fattal Terminal offers unmatched luxury, the most commonly used VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport is the standard Fast Track. This service is both affordable and efficient, allowing travelers to save significant time at the airport. For a fee of just $240, up to six people can enjoy being guided through all airport formalities.

Why Fast Track is Worth It

The service is valuable for both arrivals and departures, but it shines even more when you’re leaving. Arrivals can be unpredictable, with varying flight landing times and passport control lines. But when you’re departing, the benefits are crystal clear. Security check lines can be long, and Fast Track lets you skip them. This means you can arrive at the airport just two hours before your flight, instead of the usual three hours required at Ben Gurion.

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