Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3: A Gateway to the Future

Get ready to experience Ben Gurion Airport like never before. With an impressive number of passengers flocking in every year, Israel’s main aviation hub is preparing for a monumental upgrade. Terminal 3 is not just getting a facelift; it’s undergoing a full-scale transformation.

A Record-Breaking Decade

In the last ten years, Ben Gurion Airport has seen an incredible surge in passengers, from globetrotters to families. The year 2023 alone is expected to welcome a record 25 million passengers, outshining the previous high of 2019. Passenger trends are changing, too. We’re seeing more kids, frequent fliers, and families, reshaping the commercial demands of the airport.

A Retailer’s Paradise in Ben Gurion Airport

Did you know that in 2022, passengers splurged a whopping NIS 2.4 billion in Terminal 1 and 3? Whether it’s grabbing a quick bite or some last-minute shopping, the terminal is a bustling marketplace. The stats speak for themselves: in 2022, overall business revenue stood at an eye-watering NIS 5 billion.

The Ben Gurion Airport 2024 Expansion: What’s New?

Get ready for a bigger and better Terminal 3. The upcoming expansion is aimed at alleviating overcrowding and improving the overall passenger experience. From adding a new wing for increased flight capacity to enlarging the check-in area, the plan has it all. But that’s not all; expect a plethora of new shops, eateries, and lounges covering thousands of square meters.

Catering to Modern Tastes

With changing passenger profiles and tastes, the Israel Airports Authority is stepping up its game. Plans are underway to add more variety in the food outlets and stores. Want a pizza or a deli sandwich? Stay tuned. They’re coming your way. Best of all, price controls are being implemented. That means more affordable dining without skimping on quality.

The Passenger Perspective at Ben Gurion Airport

In a recent survey, 41% of passengers expressed a need for more affordable food and drink options. Around 35% are looking for a greater variety in dining. The new expansion plans aim to address these very concerns. Expect more cafes and restaurants offering a range of prices to suit all wallets.

A Tech-Forward Approach

The new terminal will not just be larger but also smarter. Cutting-edge security control systems and automatic technology controls are part of the blueprint. Modeled after advanced terminals in Amsterdam, Budapest, and Germany, Terminal 3 is set to be a technological marvel.

What It Means for You

As we look forward to the new changes, the overall goal remains the same: to enhance passenger satisfaction. With more shops, more food options, and more space, your airport experience is about to go from good to exceptional.


Ben Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3 is set to become a world-class facility that caters to the evolving needs of its passengers. So the next time you’re flying through, get ready for an airport experience that’s as remarkable as the destinations it connects you to.

So there you have it, folks! Get ready for a bigger, better, and more exciting Ben Gurion Airport. Stay tuned for more updates!

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