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Hello, everybody. Thank you for visiting my website. I am Leonid Metrik, an Israeli tourist guide.

  • Profession: Tour guide and driver
  • Services: Private tours, transportation, VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport
  • Vehicle: Seven-seater Mercedes V-Class
  • Team: Reliable friends who are also tour guides and drivers
  • Experience: Decades of experience as an official agent providing VIP services at the airport
  • Background: Moved to Israel in 1991 and have lived here most of my life
  • Personal Life: Married, with a supportive wife and two children (a son and a daughter)
  • Tourism Career: Lifelong experience in the tourist industry
  • Approach: Anticipate the needs of tourists, creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere
  • Interests: History, particularly the history of our region, religions, and politics
  • Education: Studied a wide range of subjects, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and geology
  • Professional Development: Attend annual courses to enhance my skills and knowledge

I look forward to providing you with an unforgettable tour experience in Israel.

Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett
Leonid was an incredible guide for my tour of Jerusalem. He is highly knowledgeable and very patient. I especially enjoyed his general knowledge on Israel history and his command of the English language. His car was very comfortable and his driving style was safe and confident. Would definitely recommend.
Vitaliy Vaysfeld
Vitaliy Vaysfeld
Leonid provided private tour of Jerusalem for me, my wife, and my 5 friends. He has Mercedes van, that was perfect for our group. Everything was organized on the highest level and Leonid addressed all our reasonable wishes. Leonid speaks 3 languages: Hebrew, English , and Russian and he is very knowledgeable about Israel history and has great sense of humor.
Miri Mazor
Miri Mazor
Leo is incredibly knowledgeable of the history of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Had an incredible walk through Old Jerusalem, and even during the car ride there was no dull moment! We finished up the tour on top of the Notre Dame of Jerusalem which was a breath taking and unobstructed 360 view of the city.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark
Thank you very much for spending three days with us and showing us the main sights of Israel and Jerusalem. We appreciate your understanding that it was a very quick trip for us. You planned our itinerary accordingly, so we could see as much as we possibly could in a very short time. Thank you for being a reliable, punctual, efficient, kind, and knowledgeable tour guide. We were very impressed with how well you organized our trip to Bethlehem, Palestine, including your attention to our safety. We had an awesome time and loved everything we saw on our journey. Thank you very much for making our trip special and creating a wonderful memory. We are very grateful!!! We would definitely recommend Leonid as a tour guide.
The David
The David
Great Tour. Explained the vast landscape of Israel and its variety in a very interesting way. Would definitely go again.

Private Tours & Transportation Services

Come to Tel Aviv and stay in one of our comfortable hotels along the coastal line.

From this location, you will be able to easily (reach) tour many interesting sites in Israel.

If you are planning a tour to Israel, looking for a tour guide, or need a suitable vehicle and a driver – I am your man! Rest assured that with me as a tour guide you will have an amazing experience. 

If you have not visited Israel before, I hope to welcome you soon.

Personalized Tourist Services

I provide various tourist services in Israel, primarily for foreign visitors. I am a tour guide and driver using a luxurious Mercedes minivan. This vehicle seats up to seven passengers, perfect for families or small groups. I am fully licensed and insured. Payments are secure and accepted through my website.

VIP Assistance at Ben Gurion Airport

I offer VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport to help clients avoid lines and save time. This includes luggage assistance and escorting from the plane to the car. The Fast Track service offers even more convenience. For the highest level of service, there’s the Fattal private terminal.

To compare: handling airport formalities on your own is like economy class. Fast Track is like business class. The private terminal is like flying on a private jet. I have been an official agent at Ben Gurion Airport for over ten years. I manage bookings, handle personal details, and oversee operations. I also coordinate transportation with clients’ drivers.

Multilingual Services

My commitment to convenience extends to our multilingual services. Currently available in Russian and English, we are expanding to include French. Our future plans include Spanish, German, Arabic, and Chinese. With the support of artificial intelligence, we ensure that language is never a barrier for our clients.

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Why will people use VIP service at the airport?

Purpose of VIP service at the airport Ben Gurion. Airports can be stressful due to: Long queues Crowded spaces Managing luggage and paperwork Wasted time Our VIP service at the airport eliminates these difficulties. We provide separate desks for passport control and...

Israel Tourist Services in 2024.

Today, I want to share what I do. I live and work in Israel and provide tourist services in three languages: I use Hebrew, maintain my native Russian, and constantly improve my English. My job is my livelihood and a source of pleasure and self-improvement. At my age,...

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Last-Minute VIP Service Orders at the Airport

I have received your request for Fast Track VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport. I appreciate your interest in our service. Due to the short time before your flight, we cannot process your reservation automatically. I need to check availability first. If it is still...

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Airport Luggage Lockers at Tel Aviv. How to find.

For your convenience, Ben Gurion Airport offers three luggage lockers for storing luggage and charging mobile devices. Locations: Ground Floor (G), 'Vineyard' Parking Lot Ground Floor (G), 'Orchard' Parking Lot Duty-Free, Corridor B Features: Each luggage locker has a...

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