Ben Gurion VIP Experience: Security Checkpoints for Hand Luggage Only Travelers.

Flying out of Ben Gurion Airport with just hand luggage? Discover the Ben Gurion VIP fast-track service designed to enhance your travel. Dedicated fast-track service for passengers like you, available in Terminal 3, features a specialized security checkpoint in Area W, ensuring your departure is as smooth as possible.

Efficient Security for Hand Luggage Only Travelers

For travelers who have checked in online and possess a boarding pass (printed or on a mobile device), the Ben Gurion VIP fast-track service offers an exclusive security lane. This service allows you to avoid the regular queues, speeding up your progression through the airport.

Simplified Boarding Process

Utilizing the Ben Gurion VIP designated security checkpoint means your travel documents will be efficiently verified at the boarding gate by airline staff. This process is streamlined to quicken your boarding experience, reflecting the convenience of Ben Gurion VIP services.

Ben Gurion VIP Luggage Tips for an Efficient Journey

Given the limited space in overhead bins, we advise that any hand luggage that may need to be checked at the gate, due to full bins, should not contain essential items such as valuables or travel documents. The Ben Gurion VIP service recommends keeping these items with you for security and accessibility.

Note on Web Check-In and Boarding Passes

Please be aware that some airlines may not offer web check-in or mobile boarding passes. Travelers with these airlines will proceed through standard security checkpoints. The Ben Gurion VIP and fast-track services are designed to accommodate all passengers, ensuring everyone enjoys a streamlined airport experience.

Upgrade with Ben Gurion VIP Services

Opt for the Ben Gurion VIP services, including our exclusive fast-track service, for a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience. Designated security checkpoints for hand luggage travelers ensure an efficient journey through Ben Gurion Airport. For more details on how to enhance your travel with Ben Gurion VIP services, please get in touch with us.

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