Book Directly Airport VIP Services and Tours in Israel

From the start of the internet era, I believed that new inventions would lead to a better life. I thought the internet would eliminate the middlemen in the information trade, allowing providers to offer services directly to clients. While middlemen didn’t disappear, the situation has improved significantly. As a tour guide in Israel, I created my own website to connect directly with prospective customers, offering private tours in Jerusalem and across Israel and airport VIP services.

Why Choose Direct Tour and VIP Services?

In addition to private tours, I provide transportation and VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport. With the help of my family and colleagues, I manage itineraries for small groups and families, offering a personalized experience. Although some agencies do excellent work connecting clients with tour guides, I choose to invest time and money in advertising and corresponding with clients directly.

Comprehensive Tour and VIP Services

I meet tourists at their hotels in Tel Aviv, drive them to Jerusalem and other locations, and share stories about Israel’s beauty. Moreover, I’ve expanded to offer VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport. I noticed that while airport operators are large companies, they often lack the personal touch needed for each client. That’s where I step in to improve the service, ensuring every detail is checked and coordinated.

Booking Your VIP Experience

The competition among agencies selling VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport is fierce. However, only two companies are authorized to provide these services, and I am an official distributor for one of them. I offer the same VIP services at competitive prices while delivering better service to my clients.

Making the Right Choice for VIP Services

When searching for VIP services online, you’ll find many websites selling the same services. To make an informed decision, skip international aggregators who don’t understand the specifics of Israeli airport operations. Instead, focus on local agencies specializing in Ben Gurion Airport services. I encourage you to contact me directly through my website or WhatsApp for reliable, local VIP service.


When ordering VIP services at the airport, remember that I also arrange transportation, which is crucial. I look forward to being your tour guide in Israel and offering fully licensed services. Visit my Fast Track Tel Aviv website to book your next VIP airport service and personalized tour.

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