Caesarea Private Tour. Relaxing Journey with Minimal Walking

Discover the wonders of Israel without breaking a sweat! Our laid-back private tour takes you from Tel Aviv to the historic cities of Caesarea and Haifa, with a scenic stop at Mount Carmel. Caesarea Private Tour is perfect for travelers who prefer minimal walking.

Start Your Journey on a High Note

Your unforgettable journey kicks off with a leisurely drive along the Via Maris coastal route. Revel in the captivating vistas as we make our way to our first destination: the majestic city of Haifa.

Marvel at Bahai Gardens in Haifa

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bahai Gardens offers jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Immerse yourself in its tranquil beauty without having to trek for miles.

Soak Up Galilee Views from Mount Carmel

Next, we’ll climb to the summit of Mount Carmel. Here, you can feast your eyes on sweeping views of the Galilee region from the serene Muhraqa Monastery.

Experience Druze Culture

As a bonus, we’ll pass through a local Druze village. It’s a unique chance to savor traditional dishes and gain insights into this fascinating culture.

Step Back in Time in Caesarea

Our final stop is Caesarea, where a driving tour will introduce you to its modern charms and ancient wonders. Don’t miss the Roman-era aqueduct—a marvel of ancient engineering.

Tour Details

  • Duration: 8-10 hours
  • Cost: $650
  • Inclusions: Luxury transportation, personal guide, and driver.

Please note: The sequence of site visits may vary depending on the day’s schedule.

Who Should Book Caesarea Private Tour?

This easy-going tour is designed for those who wish to experience Israel’s rich history and stunning landscapes, without long walks. Ideal for individuals dealing with hot weather, health, or mobility constraints.

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