Flights to Israel: A New Beginning and Unexpected Challenges

Lufthansa Group Resumes Flights to Israel

The start of 2024 brought good news for travelers: the Lufthansa Group began offering flights to Israel again. This was a big deal because, for the last two months, conflicts had stopped almost all flights. Now, Lufthansa, along with Austrian Airlines and Swiss, was connecting Israel with the world again. They planned to run 20 flights a week to Tel Aviv, which is about 30% of what they used to do before the pause.

This was a sign of things getting back to normal. It also showed that the airlines were really focused on keeping things safe and were watching the situation in Israel closely.

For a while, if people in Israel wanted to fly, they mostly had to use Israeli airlines like El Al, Arkia, and Israir. There were some flights to the East with Etihad and Fly Dubai, but not many others.

The Strike Impacting Flights to Israel. 10/03/2024

But now, there’s a bump in the road. Lufthansa’s air crew has announced a strike that will last for two days, starting Tuesday. This is going to mess up almost all of Lufthansa’s flights, including those going to and from Israel. This isn’t new; there have been a few strikes since Lufthansa returned to Israel, affecting flights worldwide.

This latest strike is said to affect around 100,000 passengers, with big disruptions expected at Munich and Frankfurt airports. These airports are key for people in Israel flying to Germany and beyond. It’s still not clear how much this will affect Israeli passengers, but it looks like it will be a big deal for many travelers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

After a hopeful restart with flights to Israel, this strike reminds us that flying can sometimes face unexpected challenges. Everyone is hoping the strike will be resolved quickly and with as little disruption as possible for travelers.

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