Health Ministry Under Fire for Allowing Smoking at Tel Aviv Airport Terminal

Recently, a client using my VIP services at Tel Aviv Airport had a question: “Can I smoke in the airport after customs?” My answer was no, but there’s some news for smokers:

Controversial Reopening of Smoking Rooms Raises Eyebrows at Tel Aviv Airport

Tel Aviv Airport Brings Back Smoking Rooms: Health Groups Not Happy

Health groups are upset. Tel Aviv Airport has new smoking rooms. This is just three years after they got rid of them.

Why Did Tel Aviv Airport Reopen Smoking Rooms?

The Tel Aviv Airport Authority says it’s for safety. People were secretly smoking in restrooms. Now, many folks are upset.

A Look at Previous Court Wins Against Smoking Rooms at Tel Aviv Airport

Amos Hausner and others had fought against smoking rooms. They won in court. But Tel Aviv Airport is not listening.

“We’re shocked,” says Hausner. “We’re checking our legal choices.”

Other Options Ignored by Tel Aviv Airport

Some say Tel Aviv Airport could’ve made other plans. Like adding smoke alarms in bathrooms. This would’ve stopped secret smoking.

Health Risks at Tel Aviv Airport’s New Smoking Rooms

Health experts say smoking rooms are a bad idea. They’re risky for everyone at Tel Aviv Airport, even non-smokers.

Possible Tobacco Influence at Tel Aviv Airport?

People are asking questions. Did tobacco companies play a part in Tel Aviv Airport’s choice? They want to know.

Health Ministry’s Silence on Tel Aviv Airport Issue

Experts like Professor Hagai Levine are let down. The Health Ministry isn’t acting.

Israel Cancer Association’s Concerns About Tel Aviv Airport

The Cancer Association is worried too. They think this choice will harm public health. They want Tel Aviv Airport to cancel the plan.

Health Ministry’s Unclear Stand on Tel Aviv Airport Smoking Rooms

The Health Ministry was vague. They say they care about public health. But do they care about health at Tel Aviv Airport? People wonder.

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