Israel Tourist Services in 2024.

Today, I want to share what I do. I live and work in Israel and provide tourist services in three languages: I use Hebrew, maintain my native Russian, and constantly improve my English. My job is my livelihood and a source of pleasure and self-improvement. At my age, it’s essential to stay active to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Adapting to Challenging Times in Israel

As of June 2024, Israel is in the midst of a prolonged conflict, which has significantly impacted my work. However, this has given me more time to spend with my children (in all three languages), watch interesting videos (mainly in English, with some in Hebrew and Russian), and enjoy a few English-language films. I also continue working by writing articles in English for my website, improving them with the help of ChatGPT and Grammarly.

Tourist Services and VIP Experiences

I provide tourist services in Israel, catering to foreign tourists. Primarily, I am a tour guide. Additionally, I serve as a driver-guide, driving a luxurious Mercedes minivan that perfectly suits my work. I specialize in personalized tourism, with my vehicle seating up to seven passengers, ideal for families or small groups. As a professional, I have all the necessary licenses and insurance for tourism and transportation. Both the state and international payment systems trust me (I can accept credit card payments through a special portal on my website).

VIP Services at Ben Gurion Airport

Much of my work involves offering VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport. This service helps clients avoid typical airport queues, saving time and reducing stress. It includes assistance with luggage and escorting from the plane to the car and vice versa. This service is known as Fast Track. Additionally, there’s the Fattal private terminal for an even higher level of service.

To compare these tourist services with airline comfort levels, handling airport formalities on your own is economy class, the Fast Track service is business class, and the private terminal or VIP lounge is like flying on a private jet. I have been an official agent of this service provider at Ben Gurion Airport for over ten years. I don’t just sell these services; I actively manage the booking process, handle all personal details, and oversee the entire operation. I also provide transportation or coordinate VIP services at the airport with clients’ drivers.

Expanding Language Horizons

I have websites in Russian and English, and I plan to promote French, which is also in demand. I aim to include Spanish, German, Arabic, and Chinese in the future. I won’t be able to learn all these languages or hire staff fluent in all of them, but I rely heavily on the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Committed to Personal Service

As for guiding and driving, AI hasn’t yet replaced human interaction, and robotic drivers are still rare. I am full of energy and enthusiasm to welcome tourists to Israel and show them our beautiful country, even now, while the conflict continues. But it will end someday…

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