Private Tour to Golan Heights from Tel Aviv.

Embark on a Captivating Private Tour to Golan Heights from Tel Aviv

Starting in the vibrant metropolis of Tel Aviv, a day of discovery, historical intrigue, and breathtaking landscapes awaits. This 10-12 hour private tour to Golan Heights, expertly guided, unveils the intricacies and wonders of Israel’s northern terrain.

Beginning the Journey

As we leave the coastal allure of Tel Aviv, our route delves into the captivating expanse of Samaria. The transition from coastal urbanity to ancient landscapes paints a beautiful canvas of Israel’s diverse topography.

Belvoir: Echoes of the Past Nestled amidst this scenic route, the fortified walls of Belvoir beckon. Standing as a testament to the region’s medieval narrative, this Hospitaller fortress reverberates tales of chivalry and ancient skirmishes.

The Heart of Our Adventure: Tour to Golan Heights

Venturing into the volcanic plateau, our private tour to Golan Heights truly comes alive. This region, with its geological and geopolitical significance, captivates every traveler. The barrier at the Syrian border stands as a reminder of the area’s tumultuous history, while the panoramic embrace from Mount Bental offers tranquil views of Syrian Quneitra.

Witnessing the Imprints of History Beyond nature’s marvels, the tour narrates stories of past confrontations. Key battle sites along the border unfold, each marking a significant chapter in the annals of the region.

The Sea of Galilee

A Reflective Pause As we progress, the shimmering embrace of the Sea of Galilee offers a serene interlude. Its reflective waters mirror the deep, multifaceted soul of the region.

Concluding the Exploration The final leg of our private tour to Golan Heights is a thrilling serpentine descent back to Tel Aviv, a fitting end to a day that promises to linger in memory.

Priced at $700, this comprehensive experience ensures comfort and engagement, encompassing all transportation needs. And for those yearning for deeper explorations in Galilee, myriad options are at your fingertips: archaeological gems, spiritual sanctuaries, kibbutzim, and enchanting wineries. Each step in this journey narrates a tale, waiting for you to become a part of it.

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