Resilient Private Tours Service in Israel 2024

Introduction to Private Tours Services

My main line of work is providing private tours as a guide and driver. I love this job! Creating a unique itinerary that matches my clients’ interests and gives them comfortable and safe transportation is always a pleasure. Unlike public transportation and group tours, my private tours are unrestricted, allowing my clients to explore without limitations.

Airport Fast-Track and Transportation Solutions

I’ve been offering additional services to my clients for a while now, and the most popular ones are transportation and fast-track services at the airport. When I first used the fast-track service, I realized it didn’t always work smoothly and sometimes required constant supervision. So, I became an agent of the fast-track provider to oversee the entire process and ensure a hassle-free experience for my clients.

Personal Connection Online

I like to work directly with my clients, so I launched my website a year ago to make my services accessible to everyone. As a non-native English speaker, I am trying to write my articles well, using all kinds of proofreading tools. Sometimes, these tools correct me, tending to make expressions that I am a big company and not a family business. My only current employee is my wife, and I am not sure I am a boss here.

Adapting to 2024’s Tourism Challenges in Israel

In better times, I had two of my own vehicles and an employee driver and delegated part of the orders to other guides or drivers. But now, spring 2024 is not a good time for tourism in Israel. Sluggish local conflicts do not stimulate a flow of travelers. I have a little work to do. So, when I catch a rare accidental tourist, I am happy to go back to my favorite work. If he needs additional help or service, I am glad to provide it by myself.

Commitment to Service During Uncertain Times

As usual, I answer requests 24/7, including weekends and holidays. I am making transfers from and to Ben Gurion Airport. I am looking for changing the situation and get back to normal times.

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