Safety in Israel 2023: A Year of Challenges and Resilience

This summer, I published an article discussing the safety of traveling to Israel in 2023. As a professional in the tourism industry, addressing the topic of safety is essential. At the start of the year, the sense of security in Israel was reassuring, supported by robust statistical indicators. The healthcare system was performing admirably, and the overall sanitary and epidemiological conditions met the high standards of developed nations. Israel’s experience with crime and terrorism was no more significant than what is seen in other relatively safe parts of the world. I enthusiastically invited people globally to enjoy the beauty and culture of vacationing in Israel.

However, the onset of October brought unforeseen challenges. A sudden war erupted, changing the dynamics entirely. The sound of air raid sirens added urgency and chaos. People urgently began leaving Israel, changing plane tickets, and searching for the nearest flights. During this time, the role of Ben Gurion Airport became more critical than ever.

As airlines began canceling flights to Israel, I repeatedly adjusted VIP service orders at Ben Gurion Airport due to the rapidly changing situation. The VIP service at Ben Gurion, known for its efficiency and high standards, faced unprecedented demand, struggling with the surge of passengers. Long queues and anxious travelers became a common sight.

By late October, the wave of departures began to subside, leaving a palpable emptiness at Ben Gurion Airport. As of late December 2023, the conflict persists, and the once prevalent sense of safety has been diminished. The threat of rocket attacks, particularly from the Gaza region, has lessened but not ceased. On the northern border with Lebanon, a limited war continues, posing a threat of escalating into a larger conflict that could endanger even the Tel Aviv area.

These events, understandably, have not been conducive to tourism in Israel. Yet, it’s important to remember that Israel has faced numerous battles for its existence and has emerged from each stronger and more resilient. I remain here, hopeful for improving the situation, and ready to offer my services.

For those planning to visit Israel, I offer VIP services at Ben Gurion Airport, ensuring a smooth and secure experience amidst these challenging times. Additionally, my private tours and trips around Israel are tailored to provide safe, informative, and enjoyable experiences, showcasing the strength and beauty of our country even in adversity.

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