SIM Card at Tel Aviv Airport.What to know.

Why Isn’t a SIM Card at Tel Aviv Airport the Best Option?

In May 2024, I conducted a study at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV). It turned out that a prepaid SIM Card at Tel Aviv Airport with unlimited calls in Israel and a large data allowance for up to 30 days costs about 200 shekels (starting from 170 and up). Outside the airport, such a SIM card costs about 70 shekels, which is more than twice as cheap and offers more benefits.

This price difference becomes especially significant if you purchase several SIM cards.

There are several ways to avoid extra expenses when buying a SIM card at Tel Aviv Airport.

1. Use an eSIM. Currently, there are no convenient solutions available.

2. Pre-order a SIM card with delivery or pickup at the airport. This is also not the most cost-effective solution.

I must note that I haven’t personally tested the first and second methods; these are online research results.

3. Purchase a SIM card outside the airport. You can find it in various kiosks or communication stores.

For my dear clients who order VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport, transportation services, or private tours, there are more convenient solutions:

Order a transfer with us. On the way to the hotel, the driver can stop at the right place (at no extra charge), where you can buy a SIM card at a normal price and help you insert it into your device. This is especially convenient if your arrival in Israel falls during working hours.

You can order a SIM card from me when ordering Fast Track on Arrival and transfer. I will purchase it for you in advance at no extra charge.

Where to Exchange Currency When Visiting Israel?

currency exchange

The dollar exchange rate to the Israeli shekel fluctuates and can be easily seen online. A study conducted in May 2024 showed that exchanging money at the airport (as well as in hotels) is not profitable. There is an exchange commission at the airport, and the exchange rate is much less favorable than outside the airport.

Solutions to this problem include:

Using a credit card. It is accepted almost everywhere in Israel.

Exchanging money outside the airport. Here is [a link to relevant services].

There is an additional advantage for clients who have ordered our VIP service at the airport and transfer. The driver or guide will show you the most convenient place to exchange currency.

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