Exciting tour to Caesarea and Haifa from Tel Aviv.

Private tour to Caesarea and Haifa – this is an exciting and relaxing round trip along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Your day will start with a short sightseeing tour of Tel Aviv. You will see the historical and more modern parts of the city.

We will drive north for about an hour, towards the border with Lebanon, en route to Haifa.

On arrival, you will get to explore the third-largest Israeli city and the main port in the country.

You will visit the Bahai Gardens, the most beautiful place in Haifa, 

and you will see nineteen terraces on the slope of Mount Carmel before visiting the Bahai Temple. 

You will walk along the spectacular promenade overlooking the city and the bay.

Haifa is located on the western slope of Mount Carmel. 

In biblical tradition, Mount Carmel is the place where the prophet Elijah hid from persecution.

 You will visit the roof of the monastery in Mukhraka, sitting atop the mountain. The stories say that in this place Elijah defeated the pagan priests and flew off into the sky on a chariot of fire.

We will pass through the largest villages of the Israeli Druze. 

The Druze are a Middle Eastern people with their secret religious tradition(s). We will stop for lunch at the Druze family restaurant where you will taste some of the local cuisine.

After lunch, we will drive to Caesarea Maritima, the ancient capital of Judea. 

Today’s Caesarea is a town of beautiful villas and is home to many of the wealthiest Israelis.

You will see ancient aqueducts and mosaics, and visit the archaeological park.

After Caesarea, we will return to Tel Aviv. 

Tour to Caesarea and Haifa takes an entire day, usually eight to nine hours.

You will enjoy a day of the sea, blue skies, and green mountain slopes, with delicious traditional food and a true Israeli experience.

Below is a link to the route for one full-day tour from Tel Aviv to Haifa and

The tour includes:

1. Tel Aviv – This is our starting point, as we drive along this road you will have a wonderful view of Tel Aviv. We will then travel along Via Maris toward the Lebanese border.

2. Caesarea – This was the capital of Judea and Palestine for centuries. We will be able to visit an Archaeological park to see the ancient ruins and the modern city.

3. Haifa – Be stunned by the beauty of the Bahai Gardens. From there we will visit the German colony as well as the cave of Elijah the Prophet all along the Western slope of Mount Carmel.

4. Druze City – A unique visit to a Druze city on the Eastern slope of Mount Carmel.

5. Lunch – An enjoyable experience to enjoy lunch at a Druze house, this is a family restaurant. From there we will make our way to the top of Mount Carmel to Mukhraka, a Monastery of the Carmelites. Take in rooftop views of Galilee.

6. Finally we head back to Tel Aviv.

Please note: It is best to wear modest clothes, i.e. no shorts or mini skirts. It is also suggested to cover one’s shoulders.

To make the trip more pleasant please bring along hats.

Cost of the tour to Caesarea and Haifa :

This price includes all transport services.

The tour will last about 8-10 hours, depending on the pace and details of the route.

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