Consider New VIP Terminal at Ben Gurion

At Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, passengers from any flight like passengers of private flights can go through all the formalities at a separate VIP terminal Fattal. Additionally, can avail themselves of the services at the VIP terminal. This option f service is called “Platinum.”

It works on the same principle as private flights.

Meeting at the aircraft, transportation to the VIP lounge by car. Comfortable waiting in a pleasant environment, away from the usual airport hustle. Drinks and snacks are available. Passport control is conducted right here, without any queues. Meanwhile, a VIP lounge attendant brings the luggage. A driver awaits just a few steps beyond the door.

Recently, I saw a detailed report on the experience at the VIP terminal from a blogger. (Vip Fattal ) It was a proper promotional text with photos and videos. In the comments on the video, I noticed that not everyone fully understands all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of VIP service at Ben Gurion Airport.

If your goal is to save time and go through all the formalities as quickly as possible, you should consider another VIP service at the airport – the Ben Gurion Fast Track, also sometimes referred to as the VIP “Silver” service.

In this case, all the formalities are carried out in the general terminal (Terminal 3), but outside the regular queues and accompanied by a representative of the VIP service. Upon arrival, luggage is received as soon as it arrives. This is the fastest and relatively inexpensive way to cross the border at Ben Gurion Airport.

Usually, the procedure at the private Fattal terminal takes more time. However, the main advantage of the VIP terminal lies in maximum comfort and the opportunity to go through all the formalities separately from the rest of the passengers. Convenience and status that can be purchased with money.

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