Why will people use VIP service at the airport?

Purpose of VIP service at the airport Ben Gurion.

Airports can be stressful due to:

  • Long queues
  • Crowded spaces
  • Managing luggage and paperwork
  • Wasted time

Our VIP service at the airport eliminates these difficulties. We provide separate desks for passport control and security checks, assist with your luggage, and ensure you are escorted through all formalities from the plane on arrival and from the car on departure, allowing you to arrive closer to your flight time.

VIP Service on Arrival

  1. An agent greets you with a signboard displaying your name at the airplane exit.
  2. Guides you through a dedicated, separate desk for passport control, bypassing the regular queue.
  3. Assists you in retrieving your luggage from the carousel.
  4. Escorts you to your awaiting driver, taxi, or rental car.

VIP Service at the airport on Departure

Using our VIP service, you can arrive at the airport just 2 hours before your flight instead of the usual 3 hours.

  1. Coordinating with your driver, an agent greets you at Terminal 3 with a luggage trolley.
  2. Guides you through separate security checks, saving you from a one-hour queue.
  3. Assists you with the check-in process for your flight.
  4. Escorts you through the priority pass lane for carry-on luggage.

High-Level Transportation

We also offer high-level transportation to and from the airport:

  1. Our drivers coordinate the meeting with VIP service agents themselves.
  2. Transfers are provided in spacious and comfortable Mercedes vans.


Each side of the VIP service at the airport costs $270 and accommodates up to 6 people. The cost of transfers is calculated separately based on the distance and number of passengers.

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