Bethlehem Private Tour From Jerusalem

This package includes pick-up from your hotel in Jerusalem. We then travel to Bethlehem where you will be to visit the Cave of the Nativity. Bethlehem Private Tour.

In the Cave of the Nativity, you will be able to visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ. For larger groups, I am able to arrange a visit to the shrine that will avoid queues.

The tour to Bethlehem including the drive is about 3 hrs. Bethlehem is under Palestinian Authority, to enter the city you will need to have your passport with you.


1. The driver will you pick you up from your hotel or another designated point in Jerusalem.

2. Bethlehem – the tour is conducted by a local English-speaking guide.

3. The driver will then return you to Jerusalem, either to your hotel or any other convenient place.


Groups of 1-4 people = $120

Groups of 5-7 people = $160


Payment is made in cash to the tour guide in Bethlehem.

The tour to Bethlehem from Jerusalem can be booked a day or two in advance.

To book a Bethlehem Private Tour , you need an address and the name of a hotel or meeting point in Jerusalem. If you are arriving by car from another city please provide a meeting point for the driver.

Tours are usually done in the morning. Departure is from 9:00 – 12:00.

In Bethlehem, you will visit the complex of the Cave of the Nativity. This includes the Basilica of the 12th century from the time of the Crusaders. You will also be able to view details preserved in the Byzantine Church of the Nativity from the 4th century.

The church of St. Catherine is part of the modern temple complex. The modern church was built in the 19th century and restored in the early 20th century. It stands on the site of the Byzantine church of St. Jerome, the translator of the Bible from Hebrew to Latin.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about Bethlehem Private Tour:

1. What is included in the cost of the Bethlehem Private Tour?

Transport from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. An English-speaking guide is provided in Bethlehem. Transportation back to Jerusalem.

2. Does the cost of the tour change depending on how many people book?

For groups of 1 – 4 people, the tour costs $120. This is payable to the guide in Bethlehem.

Groups of 5 – 7 people cost $160. This amount is also payable to the guide in Bethlehem.

3. Will we be part of a large group?

No, these tours are private.

4. What will we see in Bethlehem? What is the length of the tour?

The tour lasts about 3hrs including the drives to and from Bethlehem. Only the complex of the Cave of the Nativity is visited.

5. Can we see the Milk Grotto, Shepherds Field Church, the church of St. Nicholas, and the monastery of Mar Sabba in the Judean Desert?

It is possible to visit these sites. This is a whole day tour. The cost is dependent on the number of people and the tour details. The cost starts from $500.

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